The training programme gave me an outstanding base understanding of recruitment and allowed me to gain the knowledge of how to both attract clients and candidates leading to me having a successful first year. One of the most important things for me is enjoying where you work and at Blackfield, I don’t think I have a single bad memory! I don’t think that you need specific experience to be successful in recruitment just a good work ethic.

Oliver PageRecruitment Consultant - Blackfield Associates

STR offered clear progression points and goals to strive for which motivated me. I have always wanted to work in the pharmaceutical industry and had started in pharmaceutical sales. However, when I worked with Blackfield during some work experience, I bought into the culture they have created. Everyone is self-motivated, driven and strives to be the best they can.

Yasmin HutchingsSenior Recruitment Consultant - Blackfield Associates

When I finished university, I took a role supporting individuals with complex needs in an assisted living home. On starting at STR Group, I joined a warm medico-legal desk where I was able to use my knowledge and experience working with complex health needs and healthcare professionals, and incorporate the skills and training from the Training Academy to make 5 placements. This included Case Managers, Expert Witnesses, and Nurse Analysts.

Kerry CritchellAccount Manager - Insignis

The Training Academy at STR is very thorough and although I had no background in recruitment or engineering, it enabled me to have a lot of confidence at my desk within a short space of time. Learning the best recruitment processes, along with the best techniques in candidate and client management, gave me the confidence to take on roles of great significance for my clients, enabling me to set a new placement record around international high-salary positions in my first year.

David AmbroseRecruitment Consultant - Talos Automation